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Here are some examples of common questions our customers have!

Chris from Davisburg:
“As I’ve gotten older my knuckles have grown larger and I cannot get my rings off and on easily. In fact I may have to have my wedding set cut off!! Help me!”

Nick from Waterfall’s Repair Team:
“Hi Chris!  This is a common problem…rings not fitting properly.  But no worries we can help you!  To begin, Waterfall Jewelers has a special tool that quickly, and painlessly, makes a clean cut in the back of your ring allowing us to open up the ring slightly and slip it from your finger.  From that point, depending on the size of your knuckle, we can suggest a variety of options from simply sizing the ring larger, to installing an incredible hinged shank which bypasses the knuckle completely allowing for an incredible fit.”

“My engagement ring is starting to look dull and a friend recommended Waterfall Jewelers as a place that I could come in and have it dipped.  Could you do that if I didn’t buy the ring from you?  My fiancée lived in another state at the time he proposed.”

Meghan from Waterfall’s Jewelers Bench
“Hi Heather!  We appreciate you reaching out to us!  We know how precious  your engagement ring is to you, and we can certainly help bring back its sparkle and shine!  We offer this service in house, and include a full inspection on your ring as follows:  

Dipping is really a simple term for what is a 5 part process.  I begin by checking all of your stones and tightening any loose ones.  The ring is then polished, removing any scratches, thus bringing it to a like new, beautiful shine.  Next a “surgical” cleaning is done to make it ready for a 3 step rhodium plating process.  To finish, a final inspection is done by checking the stones once more before it leaves the jeweler’s bench.  

You can bring in your ring at any time during business hours to one of our showrooms.  Our jewelers can absolutely bring your ring back to that, “I can’t take my eyes off it” look, just like the day he proposed!

Chelsea from Clarkston:
“I recently inherited a big yellow gold diamond cluster ring which I would never wear. Although my Aunt loved it, it just is not my style and I wear only white gold. I’m at a loss of what to do, I just don’t want to keep it in a drawer.”

Deanna -Waterfall’s diamond team:
“It is so awesome to have a family heirloom, but we know over time styles change and mountings wear out.  We could easily remove the diamonds from the old ring and use them to design something new that you would love and love to wear!  This is something that our design team at Waterfall absolutely loves to do!  Whether a diamond bracelet, earrings, a necklace, or even a new ring, you dream it…we build it. The possibilities are endless!”


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