Cleaning, Care, & Maintenance


Jewelry is one of our most intimate and cherished possessions. Understanding how to care for and protect your treasured pieces is important to have them looking there best now and for generations to come.

Waterfall Jewelers recommends and offers inspection and professional jewelry cleaning services at no charge for your important treasures. However, here are some simple guidelines you may use to between visits that can make a world of difference.


Most gemstones can be cleaned with warm water, mild dish soap (no detergents) and a soft brush. A pulsed-water dental cleaning appliance and a soft, lint-free cloth can also be used. Be sure to rinse your jewelry in a glass of water to remove cleaning solutions since you risk losing loose stones – or even an entire piece of jewelry – if you rinse directly in the sink.

Recommended cleaning varies with gemstone and metal type, so always double check to be safe!

Soft gems, such as pearls, on the other hand, can easily scratch. Use a new, clean makeup brush and warm, soapy water to softly clean them. Lay a strand of pearls on a towel to dry. The wet silk thread can stretch − and attract dirt − so don’t touch your strand until it is completely dry. Pearls worn often should be restrung once a year. Waterfall Jewelers has a professional pearl stringer on site to professionally restring and clean your pearls so don’t hesitate to call on us to keep that precious strand looking new again.


Your valuable jewelry is made to be worn and enjoyed but it can also be damaged by certain chemicals and hard blows that can chip gemstones, break off prongs, and dent metal. With this in mind, remove jewelry when cleaning, using or being exposed to certain chemicals, or doing any strenuous activity especially heavy duty work with you hands

Below are some specific reminders and suggestions to keep your jewelry safe.


Exposure to chemicals can damage or discolor precious metals – gold, silver and platinum– and may harm some colored gems. Even everyday substances like hairspray, lotion, perfume or other cosmetics can contain chemicals that will permanently damage the surface of your pearls and other delicate or porous gems (like turquoise). Fine jewelry should be removed before diving into a chlorinated swimming pool, relaxing in a hot tub, or before using household cleaners. Many of these cleaners contain ammonia, which can be too harsh for delicate gems or vintage jewelry. Chlorine bleach, another common household solvent, can pit or damage gold alloys.


Proper jewelry storage is often overlooked. When storing your precious metals and gems they should never be tossed into a drawer or on top of a dresser. Your jewelry should be stored separated from each other to avoid scratches and damage. Diamonds have the highest hardness of any natural material and cannot be scratched, but they most definitely can scratch other gemstones and metal!

Most jewelry pieces come in a box or pouch from the store, which is a perfect place to keep them. Sterling silver, for example, should be kept in an anti-tarnish bag or cloth. Jewelry boxes that feature individually padded slots for rings and posts for hanging necklaces and bracelets are also ideal. When traveling, protect your jewelry pieces from scratches or other impact damage by padding it in a separate box or case.

Waterfall Jewelers carry a beautiful line of jewelry boxes and travel pouches to meet your specific storage needs


While you can purchase a professional ultrasonic cleaner for $150 or less, you should be aware that not all gems and jewelry can be safely cleaned in it.
Ultrasonic cleaners should not be used to clean:
• Organic gem materials such as pearls, coral, ivory, or amber
• Some heat-treated gemstones
• Gems that are susceptible to heat and temperature changes
whether they are treated or not. Some of these gems include tanzanite , feldspar ( sunstone and moonstone ), fluorite, iolite, kunzite, lapis lazuli ,malachite, opal, topaz, turquoise, zircon and others.

What’s more, the vibration generated by the machine can sometimes shake gems loose or chip gems that are set with their girdles touching.

This type of cleaning is best left to our Waterfall Jewelers jewelry professionals who know about different gem materials and understand when and how to use the ultrasonic cleaner safely

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