Family Owned and Operated

This picture represents the 2nd and 3rd generations of the Brown family
that own and operate the stores today.

Over the past 40 years, our relationship with our many wonderful customers, through multiple generations, has grown tremendously. This relationship allowed us to expand to a second store in White Lake and recently, move into a new free standing store in Waterford. If you’ve never visited our stores or website and heard our story, we’d like to share it with you.
Waterfall Jewelers is ‘family owned and operated’ which provides the cornerstone of our service and commitment to you. Waterfall Jewelers is a “family affair” and a cherished family tradition provides the backdrop of how our family literally, teethed on the jewelry business.

Joe & Tom help a customer at Waterfall’s original
location. There has been over 23 family members that
have worked at Waterfall over the years!

Our grandmother, Betty Brown had two 18kt gold bangle bracelets, handed down to her by her grandmother. When her children were teething, she would put the bracelets in the freezer and once cold, let them chew on them. Grandpa Tom continually told her that it would ruin the value of the bracelets. She lovingly insisted that she treasured each little tooth mark left by her children, grandchildren, and then her great-grandchildren and this gave the bracelets ever greater value. The moral of the story, and the lesson ingrained for all of us is to value beautiful things, yet treasure people and memories.
Understanding this unique balance enables us to carry on our jewelry business as a business of people and relationships. Jewelry commemorates the special times in all of our lives and has a special way of telling someone how much they are loved and appreciated. Whether it is selling a gold bracelet, a diamond engagement ring, or a necklace, we never forget there is a person, a personal story and a memorable occasion in the forefront of that sale.

Over the past 40 years, our family has shared many special occasions with our customers. Those are the memories, like the tiny teeth marks etched in gold that we treasure. That is why we, the 3rd generation of Waterfall Jewelers are carrying on the tradition of providing affordable quality merchandise that people are proud to give and servicing that special piece of jewelry in our store by quality minded jewelers. That is also why we carry on our grandmother’s tradition of sharing memories of the heart. Together, these traditions have been the cornerstone of our “family owned and operated” business and promise and commitment to you, our customers.

Tom Sr. opened Waterfall Jewelers in 1979, and quickly
fostered a special relationship with the surrounding