Jeweler’s Bench

There is nothing we cannot
repair or improve!

The Jewelers Bench is a full service jewelry repair shop with their unique expertise available in both our Waterfall Jewelers locations. Each of the main jewelers has at least 38 years experience!

Meet our Jewelers

Larry is our head jeweler at the Jewelers Bench
at our Waterford location.
Dave is our head jeweler at the Jewelers Bench
at our White Lake location.

Our main jewelers, Larry and Dave, met over 25 years ago while working at a jeweler’s shop. It didn’t take long for them to realize, they worked well together and had the same goals. Coincidentally, between the two of them, they excelled in the different skills that covered all facets of the jewelry business. More importantly, both held the same passion and care in finishing every job to the best of their abilities, no matter how big or how small.
Along with their unique talents of repair, they are skilled creators and designers. This enables them the opportunity to offer full custom jewelry design, emphasizing personalization. Time and precision is always taken with each client ensuring they leave with a finished piece of jewelry designed and executed exactly as desired!

Meghan studied and graduated from New
Approach school for jewelers.

Meghan joined the Waterford Jeweler’s Bench in 2018. She comes from a background in the jewelry industry, her father being a jeweler who owned a shop in the historic Fisher building in downtown Detroit. She has years of experience in both sales and skilled work, and is a graduate from New Approach trade school for jewelers.

The Jewelers Bench with years of experience, know exactly what a job needs, and they take pride in the work that they do. They go above and beyond when working on your precious piece of jewelry often exceeding what the original service requested. “That is the best thing we offer our customers! We love what we do and do the best on every job.”

We have been honored to have them as an essential part of our full service jewelry store and Waterfall family for over 20 years!

The Jewelers Bench at our Waterford location was built in to the old bank drive thru!