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Jewelry Appraisal

Jewelry Appraisal Service at Waterfall Jewelers

Why Should I Get My Jewelry Appraised?

It’s important to remember that you get your jewelry appraised for your own benefit. The appraisal process is designed to empower people, and it gives them a level of control over the security of their jewelry that inspires peace-of-mind.

One of the most important things an appraisal does is determine the current value of your jewelry. You may have the assumption that the value of jewelry stays the same, but that’s not always the case! Over the course of a few years, the price of gold can change by hundreds of dollars. A certain style of jewelry can suddenly become passé. Any number of variables can affect the value of your piece. Additionally, an appraisal can give you a clear idea of the quality of your piece of jewelry. For example, that red stone in your grandmother’s old ring that you always assumed to be garnet? It might be a ruby—or who knows, an ultra-rare red diamond.

Appraisal is also crucial when it comes to having your jewelry insured. It can be a nightmare to lose your favorite piece of jewelry, and that nightmare is only compounded when your insurance company tells you that they can’t replace it without an appraisal. If you’re working off incomplete information or an out-of-date appraisal, you may end up with peanuts when the insurance company finally cuts you a check.

We here at Waterfall Jewelers understand how much of a horror story that can be, which is why we employ the services of Certified Gemologist Appraisers (CGA) Mark Ettinger and Holly Schafer, as well as Graduate Gemologist (GG) Shaunna Timiney, at our two stores. Their combined skill set marks them as the top of their field, so when you’re looking for expert appraisals, Waterfall Jewelers should be your first stop!

The Jewelry Appraisal Process

First, we at Waterfall Jewelers suggest that our customers have their jewelry appraised every three to five years. This strikes a happy medium between saving money and having a continuous wall of protection around your pieces. When you come in to have your pieces appraised, our experts will perform examinations of the piece, examining the physical makeup of its jewels, determining the age and provenance of the jewelry, noting the quality of the piece, and ultimately determining a fair market value. During the appraisal process, we also take the time to inspect and clean your pieces so they come back to you looking like new!

Remember that if you ever have your jewelry significantly altered, you should come in for a new appraisal. Even changes that don’t seem like a big deal may alter the value of your jewelry, and it’s important to not assume that the previous assessment of a piece will be valid afterward.

Choose Waterfall Jewelers for Your Jewelry Needs

Whether you’re motivated to come in because of our expert team of appraisers or because of our 40 years of experience in the jewelry industry, you can trust that Waterfall Jewelers is the place to go for all your jewelry needs. In addition to our trustworthy appraisals, you can also have your jewelry repaired in-house at our locations, as well as have custom pieces made! If you’re interested in our services or jewelry appraisal, get in touch by calling (248) 623-9422 for our Waterford location or (248) 698-1200 for our White Lake store!

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