Jewelry Repair Waterford, MI

Waterfall Jewelers provides you
with jewelry repair services in Waterford that range from
simple to complex.

Waterfall Jewelers provides you with services that range from simple to complex. From ring sizing, to heirloom jewelry restoration, to the creation of a new design, our professional jewelers and repair team give that expert care and attention that 40 years of experience can provide!

Jewelry Repair

From replacing a broken clasp on a necklace or bracelet, re-tipping or replacing worn prongs, to setting gemstones into a new setting our expert repair team at the Jewelers Bench is second to none! Bring in your cherished piece today to see how we can help restore it to its full glory!

Ring Resizing

The necessity to resize your ring may be due to a variety of reasons. Switching a ring to another finger or a ring being too tight/loose due to a fluctuation in weight, or even an increase in your knuckle size, could all mean you are in need to have your ring resized. Whatever the reason, be assured that ring sizing is a common procedure and can be done on most types of rings.

Our repair team can also advise you on the best way to achieve the optimum fit for rings that fit to tightly over your knuckle, but still roll, twist, or turn when on your finger. Waterfall Jewelers is proud to offer CLIQ technology that eliminates the problem by opening and closing around the base of your finger where your ring is actually worn. CLIQ ensures a snug fit that is tailored just for you!

Every ring is unique

No matter the age, style, or design, we can integrate our patented hinge and latch system into virtually any ring. The highly-skilled CLIQ team brings generations of expertise to each, and every, piece of jewelry they touch. The beauty of your original ring will remain – what you’ll gain is the perfect fit.

Repurposing Worn/Outdated Jewelry

Some of our most treasured jewelry we own, is handed down to us from previous generations. After years of enjoyment, well loved pieces often show their wear and tear with shanks becoming thin and prongs that are worn or damaged endangering the precious stones they are meant to hold securely in place. Sometimes we inherit a piece that holds great meaning to us, but is not worn often because it doesn’t fit our personal style, or is out of date. There is also the possibility that we inherit a piece that had broken a part years before it came to us, and could use a new lease on life to be worn and admired once again…

We are here to help re-imagine and repurpose those special heirlooms and or outdated jewelry pieces that you love and treasure! Take gemstones from a ring to make into a new pendant , completely transform acquired jewels into the ring of your dreams, or we can even take grandma’s engagement ring diamond and set it into a modern day setting for the best of both worlds!

Call us today to discuss your options at either our Waterford, Michigan showroom at (248)623-9422; or to our Waterford, Michigan showroom at (248)698-1200.

Al & Dawn have been an integral part of the Waterfall family for as long as we can remember! Their expertise is what allows us to offer so many while you wait services!

Looking For Jewelry Repair In Waterford, MI?

Most cleaning, polishing, and simple repairs on jewelry and watches can be done by our friendly, expert repair team while you wait and our service counter. “We have decades of experience in how to get things done an get you on your way”. You can always count on us to be at your service!