Pearl & Bead Stringing

Pearls are a year round fashion statement!

Come in and see us to give yours a fresh new look!

Your beautiful strand of pearls need some TLC too! Over years of wear, the silk threads become discolored, the knots become fuzzy like wool, and gaps may occur between pearls. Besides affecting the appearance of your pearl necklace, these are signs that the strands are becoming weakened as well.

It is also important to use caution when cleaning and caring for your pearls, as they are soft and can scratch easily. It is safe to use warm, soapy water for occassional cleaning, but make sure the string is completely dry before wearing. Take extra care, as many household chemicals are very damaging to your pearls as well! This includes hair spray, perfume, cosmetics, and even perspiration!

Waterfall offers professional cleaning and an expert restringer to help keep your pearl strands at their best!